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Solar energy is generated through the use of photovoltaic (PV) panels that convert sunlight into electricity. The panels absorb sunlight and use it to produce direct current (DC) electricity, which is then converted into alternating current (AC) electricity by an inverter. This AC electricity can be used to power homes, businesses, and other electrical devices.

Solar energy offers numerous benefits, including:|

  • Cost savings on electricity bills: Solar power can significantly reduce or eliminate your electricity costs.
  • Renewable and sustainable: Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of power that reduces reliance on fossil fuels and helps combat climate change.
  • Energy independence: By generating your own electricity, you can become less dependent on the grid.
  • Long-term investment: Installing solar panels can increase the value of your property.

The cost of solar panels can vary depending on various factors, including the size of the system, the type of panels used, installation costs, and local market conditions. It’s best to get a customized quote from a reputable solar installation company to get an accurate estimate.

Solar panels typically come with warranties ranging from 20 to 25 years, but they can last beyond that. With proper maintenance and care, solar panels can continue generating electricity for several decades.

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